He hasn’t stopped studying and learning with the Rams

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He hasn’t stopped studying and learning with the Rams, who obviously expect the former California star to be their starter in the near future.Goff went 22 for 49 with two touchdown passes and two interceptions in the preseason with the Rams, who had the NFL’s worst offense last season. After the preseason finale, Fisher said Goff wasn’t ready to be the backup to Keenum, who easily kept the starting job he won late last season from Nick Foles.Goff has practiced with the first team offense more frequently this week, something he also did during training Wholesale Discount football Jerseys Free Shipping camp.”I don’t feel like I need too many (practice opportunities) to go in there and play right now,” Goff said. “I’d like to have as many as possible, but whatever they do is their decision.

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